Jiangsu Jiuzhong Heavy Machine Co., Ltd. (originally Nantong Huayang Forging Machine Co., Ltd.) is located in Xichang Industrial Zone, Hai’an, Jiangsu Province, the birthplace of China’s largest shearing machine, specializing in producing shearing machine, bending machine veneer reeling machine and uncoiling, leveling and shearing line of “Jiuzhong” brand series. With the characteristics of compact structure, high precision, easy operation, working stability and safety and reliability, the products of the company’s four major series are widely used in metallurgy, aircraft, automobile, marine vessels, instrumentation, packaging, stainless steel...

  • SERVICESERVICEa professional team provide immediate advice for you in 24 hours
  • REQUIREMENTREQUIREMENTWe can supply machine according to your difference requirement。
  • QUALITY CONTROLQUALITY CONTROLAdvanced quipment and scientific Management,to ensure product quality
  • AFTER-SELL  SERVICEAFTER-SELL SERVICEProfessional and in-time after-sell service , let you satisfied.
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